Change the Rules of Engagement

ON DEMAND – Watch our Cyber Tech Talk webinar, How Can CISO-as-a-Service Help You?

The cybersecurity field is experiencing a talent shortage at every job level. Leadership roles such as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) are no exception – a costly position with an extremely limited pool of candidates, according to a recent Wall Street Journal study.

Still, organizations need someone to drive the critical strategic direction of their cybersecurity program. 

In this webinar, cybersecurity expert and SilverSky VP of Professional Security Services, Tom Neclerio discusses CISO-as-a-Service as a viable, alternative resourcing approach to security program leadership – especially at a time when finding full-time resources can be a challenge. Tom explores common ways that CISO-as-a-Service can be delivered, and how this role, that straddles both the security and business worlds, gives cybersecurity a seat at the boardroom table. 

To be effective, cybersecurity needs strong leadership. Learn if the CISO-as-a-Service approach is a good option for your organization and what to expect from outsourced leadership – in this upcoming webinar.


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