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Connect Multi-factor Authentication

Scalable Access Security That’s Simple and Powerful. You need assurance that only authorized users and secure devices are accessing your applications and systems. The use of strong authentication increases your security, but not all solutions are the same – cost, flexibility, and the complexity of deployment and use can vary across solutions. Get secure access for authorized users and devices to any environment, from anywhere.

SilverSky Connect multi-factor authentication (MFA) has you covered with secure access that doesn’t stand in the way of doing business


Users provide a password PLUS a second source of validation (e.g., authorization code) to verify their identity before access is granted.


Intuitive with a fast set up and multiple authentication options to choose from, our Connect solution keeps users secure without being disruptive.


We make it easy to set up new users, support new devices, and protect new applications – without impacting existing technology.


Technology Scales,

People Don’t

Our authority to operate in some of the most sensitive government networks puts compliance at the core of our company.

With over twenty years of experience in cybersecurity, we’ve learned the best way to stay ahead of the game, is to change it.

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Excellent and courteous service! Problem solved very efficiently!

Dick Partin


You've been hosting our exchange for more than 25 years and we are very happy with your services.
In all those years we've only had one, two hour outage. Not bad!

David Jacobs

TechKnowledge Consulting Corporation

Follow up on helping tp resolve problem outside Silversky' was outstanding.
Great communication.

Marc Millner

Word Metals Corp

We always appreciate your timely and accurate support!

Dustin McClure

Union State Bank, Uniontown

I always receive excellent service EVERYTIME I call.

Pam Henson

Patrick Morrissey