Change the Rules of Engagement

Supplement your restricted exchange services with OWA multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are. Historically, people gained access to secured resources by an assigned user name and password. Increasing number of credential phishing attacks and breaches due weak, default or stolen passwords has made multi-factor authentication a necessity. In multi-factor authentication, the user still needs a user name and password, but they also need an additional factor such as a PIN, token, or a biometric input to gain access. SilverSky multi-factor authentication, powered by Cisco Duo proactively reduces the risk of a data breach by verifying users’ identities, gaining visibility into every device, and enforcing adaptive policies.

SilverSky’s multi-factor authentication benefits:

  • Adaptive authentication
  • Secure remote access
  • Integrated with existing mail services
  •  Meet compliance requirements