Best Practices for a Vulnerability Management Program

Join us for our Cyber Tech Talk webinar to learn Best Practices for a Vulnerability Management Program – Thursday, May 19 at 2:00pm ET.

Most companies scan for vulnerabilities – the coding errors and improper configurations in your environment that expose your business to risk. Yet, scans alone do not eliminate the issues or reduce your risk. They simply identify the vulnerabilities – often in large numbers.

Not all pose risk to your business. But how do you know which ones do?

Find out in our May Cyber Tech Talk webinar, hosted by cybersecurity expert and SilverSky VP of Professional Security Services, Tom Neclerio. In this month’s educational session, Tom explores the key components that should be part of any vulnerability management program. He discusses how a risk-based approach can help organizations – particularly for those organizations with limited resources – simplify workloads and reduce exposure by narrowing the focus to a manageable set of the most critical vulnerabilities. Learn how in this upcoming webinar.