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Maintain user privacy and protect consumer health information with SilverSky’s world leading managed detection and response platform.


Hospitals store an abundance of patient data which can be costly in the wrong hands. At SilverSky, we bridge the gap between technology and expertise to help you adhere to regulatory healthcare requirements and ensure your clinicians, patients, data and devices are secured from internal and external threats like data destruction, social engineering and targeted attacks.

The downside to medical innovation

The hospitals and healthcare facilities of today are comprised of innovative, life-saving technologies and devices such as ventilators, defibrillators, and heart-rate monitors.

Although these devices may not hold any patient information, these IP-enabled devices widen the total attack surface. Every device is an entry point for a threat actor and they may use certain medical technologies as an entry point to gain access to other servers and personal medical records.

SilverSky provides you with the visibility to stop real-time threats in their tracks.

Legacy and outdated technologies

In recent years, the healthcare industry has made notable advances in medical technologies. Although this is great for the industry, not all healthcare organisations have the budgets or infrastructure to implement such technologies.

Where it’s not feasible to upgrade to different, more secure software – or where medical staff don’t want the hassle – it’s possible to minimize the risk of cyberattacks by adding extra layers of security.

At SilverSky we use threat-led intelligence to provide the most up-to-date security for healthcare customers that have legacy, on-premise, hosted and cloud applications.

Consolidate your security technologies into a single view

Healthcare organizations want to consolidate their security vendors to reduce complexity and improve risk posture, not to save on budget or to improve procurement. Sixty-five percent of surveyed organizations expect to improve their overall risk posture.

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