Professional Services

Many solution providers claim migration to their cloud is easy, but when it comes time to move, customers often find themselves on their own. For many organizations—especially larger-sized businesses, those with multiple locations, or in-house email infrastructure—migrating to the cloud can be expensive. As a result, it’s critical to get migration to the cloud right the first time by evaluating a cloud provider’s migration capabilities just as carefully as you evaluate their solution.

Cloud Migration Services for Seamless Transitions

SilverSky understands that email is a mission-critical business solution, and an interruption to email is costly. Organizations often lack the years of expertise required to plan a migration, and a migration without careful planning leads to errors and unwanted expenses.

SilverSky has a team of migration experts that make the transition seamless. Customers benefit from 15+ years of migration expertise from a trusted partner that will do the heavy lifting. Throughout the process, customers have an experienced expert as a point of contact.

SilverSky has the expertise to migrate customers of all sizes and complexity. Whether it’s an organization with many office locations, many users, or a small organization that needs to migrate to the cloud ASAP, a migration to SilverSky’s cloud will be smooth and timely. Chances are we have migrated dozens of organizations like yours.

Consulting Services

SilverSky has been in the business of providing professional security services for over a decade and has a fully staffed team of security professionals and practitioners ready to serve and assist you in meeting your security needs. SilverSky’s security consultants maintain several certifications including Certified information Systems Security Professional (CiSSP) and Certified information Systems Auditor (CiSA). SilverSky’s consulting team leverages industry leading experience and expertise and acts as a trusted security resource for your organization by assisting your institution with assessing security, managing risk, and meeting regulatory compliance needs.

Specific solutions include:

  • Security Assessment Services

    SilverSky consultants will test, analyze, and evaluate the overall integrity of the network and critical information technology assets to uncover and identify potential security weaknesses along with recommendations for risk mitigation through vulnerability and penetration tests.

  • Risk and Assurance Services

    SilverSky consultants will identify and measure all known risk affecting the organization’s information through the analysis and prioritization of information assets, threats, and existing controls and safeguards.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Consulting

    SilverSky consultants will ensure compliance with the appropriate security standards, such as PCI, HIPAA, FINRA, and GLBA, and ensure that IT related controls and safeguards have been properly and effectively implemented.