Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Automate 96% of Your Security Cases


Filter out the noise with nLighten™ — the industry leading XDR platform that turns scattered data into powerful, actionable insights.

The average enterprise has 75 different security tools that generate thousands of alerts every day. Yet very few teams have the expertise, time, or tools to deal with this volume adequately and accurately. Harness the power and scale of big-data, behavioral security analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with SilverSky nLighten™.

Stay ahead of even the most sophisticated threats


Initially developed in an award-winning machine learning and AI Department of Defense research program, nLighten’s industry leading XDR utilizes 250+ analytic behavioral detections to give you a fully managed, end-to-end security solution. Powered by Adaptive Analytic Detection (AAD) and Persistent Behavior Tracing (PBT), it’s not just technology for the sake of bragging rights; it’s a game-changing, silo-breaking solution that:

  • Eliminates manual effort automatically by shrinking noisy alerts into actionable cases
  • Reduces 97% of alerts compared to a typical SIEM to end Alert Fatigue
  • Automates 96% of case creation, no more manual alert analysis
  • Filters out 95% of false positives with our advanced ML and AI-based behavioral analytics
  • Finds advanced threats with our proprietary Persistent Behavior Tracing that others miss
  • Gives you a 24/7/365 expert SOC team to respond to threats

Built to identify the most sophisticated attacks and insider threats. nLighten is easier and less expensive than traditional SIEM tools because it installs quickly with no infrastructure, tuning, or maintenance required.

To simplify management, nLighten is pre-loaded with over seventy dashboards, hundreds of analytic behavioral detections, automated case orchestrations, and over 80 integrations with leading security products like Palo Alto, CrowdStrike, Carbon Black, and more. nLighten unlocks the potential in your existing security investments to deliver a complete MDR, compliance, and log management solution.

"A platform like nLighten compared to Splunk where I don’t have to deal with the overhead, management and rules as much is hugely beneficial to me."
IT Executive, Fortune 1000



Here are some of the key use cases they have highlighted:

Scale Limited Resources the Right Way

Stop throwing people and siloed tools at the problem. SilverSky brings value out of your existing investment without requiring an army of analysts. Our lightweight virtual appliance can be detecting threats in less than an hour, and the intuitive user interface requires less than two hours of training.

Identify Threats Earlier and Close Detection Gaps

SilverSky specializes in finding what other products miss. nLighten’s unique combination of ML and AI-based Adaptive Analytic Detection and Persistent Behavior Tracing identifies the most sophisticated threats so you can stop them before they become a breach. nLighten requires no baseline or continual tuning to correlate and prioritize threats across your entire enterprise.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Free yourself from never-ending log and alert collection, false positives, and manual research. nLighten aggregates and prioritizes malicious activities, reduces false positives by 95%, reduces MTTD and MTTR from months to minutes, and automates 96% of actionable case creation. We have analyzed trillions of records and continually improve to precisely identify legitimate threats.

Enhance Security Visibility

Our simple, intuitive dashboard provides greater situational awareness so you can resolve threats quickly — and even automatically with case orchestration. nLighten checks the box for SIEM, compliance, and more, delivering drill-down capabilities for resolution and executive-level reporting for easy visibility of your security posture.

A Partner You Can Trust

The SilverSky 24/7/365 expert SOC managed detection and response team is here for you. We do the heavy lifting to analyze and generate the remaining 4% of cases that need an expert human touch and offer valued guidance to help you optimize your security. Learn more in your personalized demo with one of our experts.

Smarter. Faster. Better.

Turn scattered data into powerful insights

Close the gaps and free your team with our silo-breaking, industry leading XDR platform solution that covers compliance and simplifies security operations.


Reduction from traditional SIEM alerts to actionable case


Reduction in false-positives, bringing focus to relevant threats


Executive dashboard that delivers system-wide information in real time
"We’re no longer looking at millions of records. Now we’re looking only at the ones that make sense."
IT Director, Cell Tower Provider

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