Email Protection Services

Email is the lifeblood of business communications, and keeping it secure, compliant and highly available can be a surprisingly challenging problem. But with Email Protection Services from BAE Systems, you can achieve comprehensive message security without complexity.

Enjoy the Most Complete Email Security from the Cloud

Email protection today is often fragmented among several solutions and not tightly integrated, which leads to higher cost, complexity and risk. While strong oversight of inbound messaging is important, strict control of outbound messaging is even more so, especially in today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era. Then there’s the archiving system your auditors and counsel demand, the business continuity features your CIO needs, and the support for new mobile devices your employees are clamoring for. With all of these requirements, cost and complexity can quickly spiral out of control and distract you from your core business.

BAE Systems CTO Andrew Jaquith Discusses the Need for EPS

We take a progressive and holistic approach to solving these challenges by providing the industry’s most advanced email security suite. Our Email Protection Service delivers a complete, fully integrated suite of email security solutions, including advanced Email DLP, Email Archive, Email Continuity, Email Security (AV/AS) and Email Encryption. In addition, deep integration with external IP stores for superior data risk reduction and alignment with highly regulated infrastructure and policies are included in the platform. The suite operates seamlessly with BAE Systems' Microsoft Exchange or any other email service, including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Business, or on-premise email systems. Simple to deploy and transformational when used, our cloud email security suite lets CIOs rest easy at night, confident that their messages are secure, compliant and 100% available.

  • Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)

    CIOs and IT managers have a new solution to help prevent today’s more sophisticated threats. Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) is a highly advanced cloud-based service that stops targeted attacks, spear phishing, “longline” phishing, and advanced zero-day exploits without relying on anti-virus signatures.

    Customers deploying our Targeted Attack Protection solution are now better equipped for these ongoing and increasing outside attacks by adding new protections to counter the advancing state of adversaries. With the TAP solution, BAE Systems can help customers adjust protections to prepare for specific and unusual attack scenarios and offer more comprehensive detection techniques.

    The Targeted Attack Protection solution helps companies by safeguarding valuable and proprietary data against security threats. TAP leverages leading-edge statistical analysis techniques, static and dynamic analysis, machine learning, and innovative sandbox techniques that analyze unknown objects with malware engines while applying advanced techniques to detect and prevent attacks, even without signatures. More importantly, the TAP service is deployed in-line with customer email, allowing for a purely preventative approach.

    As part of the broader portfolio of BAE Systems Managed Security Services, customers have access to security at all points of the kill chain, providing a rich defense in depth strategy that includes web security, employee training, 24/7/365 event monitoring and cross-customer correlation. 

  • Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Our game-changing Email DLP solution brings content-aware policy capabilities normally reserved for complex enterprise DLP solutions. Now you can easily build and enforce granular policies to block, quarantine, or automatically encrypt sensitive, inappropriate and risky messages using the highly tunable policy-driven rules engine in the Security Management Console. Email DLP is essential for secure business communications today, and our solution breaks new ground in combining ease of use and sophisticated DLP features.

  • Email Encryption

    Our policy-driven Email Encryption service inspects all outbound email from your organization and automatically redirects messages that contain sensitive content through a secure, encrypted channel. Company administrators create policies and keyword lists via the Security Management Console to automatically encrypt messages containing sensitive data. The policy-driven rules guarantee that all users comply with your security and compliance policies.

  • Email Security (AV/AS)

    Our Email Security reduces risk exposure by safeguarding your email with anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam technologies that block malicious and distracting software and spam at the gateway. By leveraging best of breed message hygiene engines from the likes of Symantec, Cloudmark and Trend Micro, we give you the most comprehensive protection for both inbound and outbound communications. As a cloud service, Email Security also includes 24x7 monitoring and automatic continuous updates to keep your email system secure from the latest threats. 

  • Email Archive

    Our Email Archive service securely stores messages and provides you with enhanced capabilities to perform eDiscovery and compliance archiving for message recovery to fulfill legal or compliance related activities. Email Archive lets you prepare for audits and regulatory reviews and meet compliance requirements more easily, including compliance with SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, SOX, and FRCP. Powerful eDiscovery features such as multiple retention period handling and litigation holds optimize your risk exposure and reduce costs.

  • Archive Anywhere

    Our Archive Anywhere service eliminates the need for remote web portal access by enabling email archive access natively on virtually any email client and any device. With anywhere, any time archive access, you can provide easy, safe and secure messaging for your employees while reducing legal liability and ensuring best-in-class business continuity. Archive Anywhere enhances Email Continuity and Email Archive services, and is available as a feature to all existing customers, as well as customers of other hosted mail solutions and in-house email.

  • Email Continuity

    Our Email Continuity solution eliminates costly business disruption in the event of outages by providing fully redundant and functioning email access and usage via a standards-based web portal.