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SilverSky Silver Lining Report

SilverSky's Independent Study Reveals Dramatic Surge in Cloud Confidence and Adoption, but Cloud Security Concerns Continue to Dominate.

Two hundred U.S. chief information officers and senior level security decision-makers were surveyed in the company's new "Silver Lining Report." Nearly all (97 percent) of survey respondents indicate their confidence level in the cloud has either increased or stayed the same in the past 12 months. On average, respondents have moved one-quarter of all their business functions and services to the cloud, the most popular being e-Commerce (41 percent), closely followed by email (39 percent) and storage (30 percent). Many respondents have plans to migrate additional applications within the next 12 months, particularly storage and e-Commerce (both 16 percent) and middleware/infrastructure (14 percent). However, traditional back-office functions such as finance and accounting and procurement applications show no upward movement. View the Cloud Security Adoption Infographic or download now to get the full report. 


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