Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is considered a network security best practice and is increasingly required by compliance regulators. However, conducting in-house vulnerability scans is challenging, resource-intensive, and expensive. Similarly, hiring an external consultant is often cost prohibitive, especially if you want to conduct on-demand scans.

SilverSky’s Solution
SilverSky’s Vulnerability Management software reduces costs and complexity by automating the vulnerability assessment process, thereby eliminating the need to conduct in-house scans or hire external consultants. Our solution also improves network security by providing on-demand vulnerability assessments, identifying weak spots in your network, and helping your administrators manage the remediation process. SilverSky’s Vulnerability Management software empowers your IT department to drive down security risk and do more with limited resources.

Key Features and Benefits

  • On-demand vulnerability scans – On demand scans provide you with a real-time view of your security posture as frequently as needed – without incurring extra costs. 
  • Real-time device discovery – Ensures that your IT asset inventory is always up-to-date (includes mobile devices and contractor devices) and helps prevent unsecure and unauthorized devices from accessing your network.
  • Risk assessment and planning – Vulnerabilities are automatically compiled and prioritized based on risk to your network and data, helping you focus on what is most important.
  • Remediation management – Detailed remediation information and analysis helps you to remedy vulnerabilities more quickly.

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