Log Management

Log management improves an organization’s ability to track security events across its network, detect suspicious activity, and respond quickly to prevent malicious attacks. As a result, it is considered a standard network security best practice and is increasingly required by government and industry regulators. However, effective log management is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and expensive for IT departments.

SilverSky’s Solution
SilverSky’s Log Management Solution helps organizations reduce the costs and complexity of log management and reduce the compliance burden. Our cloud-based software automates log collection, parsing, storage, and archiving. Our advanced customer portal features powerful search, analysis, and forensic capabilities and our specialized reports help ease the compliance burden. Also, because our solution correlates security events across your entire network and alerts IT managers of any suspicious activity, it reduces security risk and improves your ability to respond to emerging threats.

Key Features

  • Flexible Data Collection Options – Physical or virtual appliances or agent-based methodology – provide low-impact deployment options for all of your infrastructure.
  • Advanced Log Parsing – Over 750 parsing rules updates from a variety of sources, continual rule updates, and the ability to create custom rules.
  • Advanced Event Correlation – Custom and out-of-the-box correlation rules, artificial intelligence correlation system, and patented 7-factor threat scenario modeling correlate log events and identify any suspicious activity.
  • Automatic Threat Alerts – Sent directly to your inbox, mobile phone, or ticketing system.
  • Advanced Customer Portal – Powerful search, forensic analysis, and reporting capabilities.
  • Audit-Ready Compliance Reporting – Reduce the costs and headaches associated with meeting compliance and ensure that you avoid fines.
  • Cloud-Powered Infrastructure – Easy to deploy, install updates, and scale. Indefinite storage and archiving of all log events.

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