Email Data Loss Prevention

The Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution from BAE Systems breaks new ground by delivering enterprise-grade data loss prevention features in a highly flexible and easy to use cloud service.

With Email Data Loss Prevention, CIOs and IT managers can guard against motivated malicious insiders and accidental negligence by employees to greatly reduce corporate security threats. Our solution breaks new ground in combining ease of use and sophisticated Email Data Loss Prevention features for companies of all sizes. It easily integrates with other existing messaging vendors such as Google and Office 365, and seamlessly integrates with any cloud or on-premise email system, including Email Protection Services from BAE Systems.

Email Data Loss Prevention has advanced analysis features like proximity checking, full redaction capabilities, and the ability to test policies before deploying them. Now you can easily build and enforce granular policies to block, quarantine, or automatically encrypt sensitive, inappropriate and risky messages using the highly tunable policy-driven rules engine in the Security Management Console.

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"Content-aware DLP deployments are seen more and more as business tools by the businesses units themselves to address compliance and IP protection mandates than in the past, where it was often seen as an IT/IT security solution looking for a need."

Gartner – Magic Quadrant for Content-Aware
Data Loss Prevention
January 2013

The Email DLP solution helps companies assess their risk and prevent data loss over the highest points of risk by safeguarding valuable and proprietary data against security threats

The Email DLP solution provides:

  • Ready-made and programmable granular policies to block, quarantine, redact, or automatically encrypt inappropriate and risky messages using the highly tunable policy-driven rules engine
  • Infinitely flexible search algorithms, regular expressions, and other advanced action types for best-in-class policy management and hardened protection against confidential and proprietary information loss
  • Unmatched flexibility in policy and control definition for HIPAA and state PII statute compliance
  • Multiple, customizable tuning levels for effective false-positive reduction

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