Inside the Perimeter: Security Event Monitoring

Recorded: March 2020

When viruses, trojans and malware first became a thing, the security guidance given was to establish a strong perimeter. This military approach dating back to the early years of war made sense – create a safe place for valuable assets to be stored while providing 360-degree protection around them. In networking terms, it meant to set up firewalls to protect your network and monitor them for potential attacks.

Fast forward to today and the cybersecurity battlefield has changed. The threat vectors have become more numerous and complex. As cybercriminals take advantage of these new points of entry, organizations have to be prepared to monitor more than just the perimeter. Unfortunately, this leads to organizations adding one-off solutions to meet these new challenges and being stuck with yet another technology and vendor relationship to manage.

SilverSky now offers Security Monitoring which helps to monitor servers inside your perimeter against threats like cache poisoning, network floods, LDAP reconnaissance, PowerSploit activity, and data exfiltration.

In this presentation, Kyle Benson explains how to be prepared for threats inside the perimeter and steps you can take now to be more prepared.

Speaker: Kyle Benson

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