Cybersecurity: A Complex Assignment for Education

Your educational organization is a prime target for cybercriminals. You hold a veritable treasure trove of “attractive” sensitive data that includes social security numbers and other personal information, student health records, and financial information. Plus, the cyclical academic year brings a unique ebb and flow of a vast number of endpoints.

Still, your team may be challenged with defending student and faculty data. In addition to identifying and managing the right hardware, software, and configurations for your cybersecurity program, you also must meet rigorous cyber compliance priorities – including PCI DSS, GLBA, and even HIPAA. Educational institutions must also take into consideration the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines and adherence to specific state laws like Texas’ Tac202 requiring colleges to do security monitoring.

SilverSky can help educational institutions of all sizes. Our comprehensive managed security services offer a simple, affordable way for educational organizations to fill the gaps in their cybersecurity to reduce risk and maintain critical compliance.


Helping You Meet the Challenge

SilverSky makes cybersecurity simple, affordable and accessible for your educational organization.

Through our managed services model, you gain on-demand access to our deep bench of expertise and experience, the latest leading security operations technologies, and 24x7x365 monitoring of your environment for threats by analysts in our security operations centers.

Our powerful offerings help keep your organization safe across all attack vectors, including email – a recognized top attack vector for educational institutions that is responsible for ransomware attacks and fraudulent transfers of funds.

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be a tough learning curve. Whether your organization is public or private, K-12 or higher-education, or an organization that supports the educational system, SilverSky takes on your cybersecurity challenges. We’ll focus on keeping you secure and compliant while you focus on the business of education.

As you work to secure your systems, reduce risk, and maintain compliance across your educational organization’s environment, you’ll likely need these services:

Managed Detection & Response

Our security operations analysts monitor, investigate, and disrupt advanced threats in real time inside the perimeter – across your DNS and Active Directory servers, security devices, endpoints, and email servers.

Vulnerability Management

We use the latest threat-led intelligence, best practices, and leading technologies to scan, detect, and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment – before they can be exploited.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

More endpoints mean more threats. Our Managed EDR delivers visibility supported by machine learning and automation to prevent, detect, and remediate known and unknown threats at your endpoints.

Email Protection Services

Defend critical business communications against today’s sophisticated payloads and social engineering attacks with our integrated suite of services.

Secure Device Management

Our leading-edge Secure Device Management delivers critical functionality to strengthen the defense of users and digital assets in a modern, perimeterless world.

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Why SilverSky for Education Cybersecurity?

  • • We provide the cybersecurity resources and the technology you need to defend your student and faculty data effectively.
  • • Our leading email protection services are dedicated to protecting this top education industry attack vector.
  • • Centralized security operations centers combine our leading technology with expert analysts to monitor your environment for threats 24x7x365.
  • • Our services address rigorous regulation requirements and priorities in order to help you meet your compliance obligations.