Why SilverSky?

Digital transformation, remote work, distributed office locations, and an ever-changing global regulatory landscape are testing the bounds of traditional security – and introducing new risk. In the trenches, cybersecurity complexity and costs are accelerating – and effective solutions can seem out of reach and hard to integrate.

In the face of these modern cybersecurity challenges, it makes sense to partner with a firm like SilverSky. You need protection delivered in a way that is simple, accessible, and fits your budget.

A Clear Choice For Security Services

When considering the options, SilverSky Security Services offers clear advantages over in-house and other managed solutions:

Advantage Silversky
Predictable Costs Yes
Scalable Services Yes
Remediation Yes
Services Comprehensive
Integrated Technology Platform Yes
Resources Highly Skilled Experts
Regulatory Expertise Yes
Top-Rated Customer Support Yes
Global Coverage Yes
Security Operations Center Yes

Cybersecurity That’s Simple. Affordable. Accessible.

Your Challenge How SilverSky has you covered

Cybersecurity complexity is increasing.

  • Multiple point solutions
  • Continually evolving technologies
  • Finding experts/skills to run tech
  • A growing digital footprint
  • An evolving threat landscape

We make cybersecurity SIMPLE:

  • One source – on-demand
  • One integrated solution with technologies and the credentialed experts to run them
  • One deep sigh of relief

Cybersecurity costs are rising.

  • Costs to address risks
    • People, Time, Technology
  • Costs of repercussions
    • Non-compliance penalties
    • Breach-related expenses
    • Impacts to brand, customers, and revenue

We make cybersecurity AFFORDABLE:

  • Unsurpassed ROI
  • Fully scalable
  • An easy business decision

Cybersecurity solutions can feel out-of-reach.

  • Budget restrictions may limit choice to specific technology point solutions
  • Inefficiencies and compromises in security operations limit “best” protection
  • Talent shortages and skills gaps make the right resources hard-to-find

We make cybersecurity ACCESSIBLE:

  • The latest, enterprise-grade technology
  • Skilled senior expertise – SOC, strategy, and support
  • 24x7x365 security monitoring
  • Around-the-clock “at-your-service” support

Looking for the best partner in the business?

See how managed SilverSky Security Solutions can address your critical cybersecurity challenges with ease.