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Raleigh, N.C. – October 11, 2022

SilverSky, a cybersecurity innovator offering powerful managed detection and response (MDR) services, today announced the release of its SilverSky Lightning MDR product portfolio including its new Extended Detection & Response (XDR) service based on the nLighten™ platform. The launch significantly enhances cyberthreat fighting and brings further efficiencies for the company’s fast-growing customer base.

Developed during an extensive learning research program with DARPA with a stated goal of being able to stay as close as possible to the attackers’ rate of learning, the new capabilities include unique analysis and filtering of traditionally siloed cybersecurity information. The Lightning Platform includes behavioral analytics and threat hunting technologies which work alongside existing security investments, substantially reducing false positives.

Removing false positives is core to a SOC manager’s objective of lightening the load on SOC personnel and removing the need for SOC personnel additions. Adding SilverSky Lightning results in faster and better detection of attacks over competitive offerings in the market today.

The SilverSky Lightning portfolio gives security team members visibility into potential threats both inside and outside the network. It analyzes alerts to determine how impactful they are to operations, and helps effectively respond to critical events – all through SilverSky’s global 24×7 SOC.

Using industry-leading data science, SilverSky looks for unknown threats and delivers threat detection technologies trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense during its ongoing fight against cyber terrorism. The newly launched capabilities improve overall cyber protections and arms organizations with visibility and insight to maintain a robust security posture and minimize system outages or customer friction.

Additionally, the SilverSky Lightning portfolio is built on a foundation of more than 20 years of compliance experience. The company’s rigorous security controls program includes multiple annual third-party audits to ensure the protection of customer information.

“We’re proud to announce this launch of SilverSky Lightning MDR and its accompanying XDR service, as it brings our customers some of the latest available technologies that are now also approved for use by the federal government and military – a distinct mark of proven, trusted innovation,” said Marvin Wheeler, Chief Innovation Officer at SilverSky. “Now, with the high demands of national defense as the foundation of much of our SilverSky technology, our platform stands as the world’s only fully autonomous SIEM coupled with highly skilled analysts delivering our MDR solution featuring better detection, less false positives and better visibility for our customers.”

SilverSky Lightning MDR and its nLighten platform are priced per user. The new technologies come amid SilverSky’s acquisition of Cybraics in April and were successfully integrated into SilverSky’s business. Existing customers from both companies are now offered the benefit of strong integrations and ongoing security innovations with a marked focus on data science and threat hunting.

The Power of Data Science

  • Actionable Steps – SilverSky’s nLighten™ provides advanced threat detection which creates actionable cases allowing a security team to address real issues removing time-consuming investigations. Instead of rules and signatures, nLighten uses behavioral analytics to identify previously undetected threats, providing true situational awareness.
  • Less Human Error – The combination of powerful data science along with well-prepared analysts can help narrow the gap with the bad guys. SilverSky’s “noise reduction” approach minimizes hunting through alerts, dramatically reducing human error and effort. Customers’ analysts focus on the small number of alerts that are impactful to the business, alerting according to a personalized response playbook.

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About SilverSky

Organizations of all sizes face the same cybersecurity threats, compliance mandates, and business risks as Fortune 500 companies. SilverSky levels the playing field and enables companies, regardless of their size, to access enterprise-grade cybersecurity to meet regulatory requirements, proactively respond to threats, and rapidly reduce risk. SilverSky offers one of the most comprehensive managed detection and response (MDR) solutions in the industry. Delivered as a managed services model, SilverSky MDR makes powerful cybersecurity simple, affordable, and accessible to organizations of all sizes and across industries. Customer environments are monitored 24x7x365 by highly skilled security operations analysts in SilverSky SOCs, which were developed based on military-grade security and are powered by the latest integrated technology. SilverSky has more than 20 years of operational cybersecurity success defending thousands of customers in some of the most demanding industry sectors. Visit

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