Foundational Tips for Fighting Healthcare’s Top Cyberthreats

With ransomware attacks in the healthcare sector on the rise, here are some basic tips for creating a stronger cybersecurity posture.

By Tom Neclerio

In 2021 alone, the healthcare industry saw a 123% increase in ransomware attacks and sensitive data breaches likely as a result of the pandemic. It is of no surprise that cyberattacks have only continued to escalate and intensify across healthcare institutions – further destabilizing the medical field, adding to concerns among patients, and creating more headaches for personnel-strapped IT departments.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), industry experts labeled 2021 the industry’s worst year ever for data breaches, with tens of millions of patient records compromised. The continuous blows to hospitals and smaller offices alike were largely successful due to hackers purposefully exploiting burdened healthcare organizations at a time when resources were already stretched.

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