Cybercriminals Don’t Sleep. Neither Do We.

Modern organizations increasingly are shifting data, apps, and users beyond the traditional perimeter. But expanding to new threat vectors – the cloud, mobile, third parties – introduces significant risk.

Most organizations don’t have the people, time, or budget to build and manage the complex cybersecurity needed to defend their expanding attack surface around-the-clock.

SilverSky addresses those challenges for you.

Our security operations center (SOC)-as-a-Service gives you affordable, scalable access to the essential enterprise-grade cybersecurity resources and technology your modern organization needs – without the challenges of implementing and managing a SOC on your own.

You can rely on SilverSky SOC-as-a-Service to deliver the skilled security operations analysts and leading technology you need to detect and respond to threats in your extended infrastructure. And with multiple SilverSky SOCs in locations around the world, we’ve got you covered.

Real-Time Telemetry

Real-time telemetry – including logs, endpoint data, and network and system activity from across your environment – is collected, consolidated, and unified in our Managed SIEM.


The streamlined data is monitored for threats and indicators of compromise by our SOC analysts using machine learning, threat intelligence, deep analytics, and 24x7x365 eyes-on-glass.

Actionable Results

Our SOC analysts rapidly prioritize, triage, and correlate alerts and respond to confirmed threats based on your custom playbook – either by remediating threats directly or providing actionable advice.

Take your security to the next-level

Learn how our SOC capabilities can improve your security posture.

When Minutes Count, Our Experts Have You Covered

  • 24x7x365
    Around-the-clock security monitoring/analysis of your environment by our team of expert analysts
  • Automated Detection
    Technologies with AI/ML-driven capabilities streamline data and minimize alert fatigue
  • Broad Visibility
    Views into your infrastructure through logs, network activity, endpoint data, and other telemetry
  • Threat Intelligence
    Uncovers known advanced threats, stealth attacks, and malicious activities
  • Actionable Guidance & Support
    Our experts assist you in responding to confirmed threats or in-progress attacks