SilverSky Labs: Outbreak Intelligence

SilverSky Labs, led by threat prevention expert Brandon Edwards, in conjunction with our Security Operations Centers, leverages data from our 6,000+ customers and proprietary analysis from our Analysis Engine, enabling us to provide the most advanced protection you can get from a managed security services provider.

SilverSky Labs in Action: Outbreak Intelligence

SilverSky Labs leverages a massive set of transactional data - nearly 500 million security events and over 50 million emails a day across 6000+ customers - to correlate, analyze and proactively push preventative rules to our customer base. The net result is increased peace of mind and the most up to date protection possible. 

  • Analysis Engine: Far more advanced than an off-the-shelf information and event management system, SilverSky’s Network Security platform processes and correlates all security events and includes over 5,000 correlation rules, custom developed by our analysts to protect customers from evolving threats
  • Big Data: Network and email Security Services: SilverSky’s technology portfolio includes our proprietary SilverSky Security Appliance (SSA), which can be deployed on customer premises or in the cloud. The SSA includes Firewall, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, VPN Remote User Access, Web Content Filtering, Web Application Firewall, Log Management, and File Integrity Monitoring.
  • Unparalleled Expertise: SilverSky Labs and Security Operations Centera: SilverSky delivers Managed Security Services from our three geo-redundant Security Operations Centers (SOCs), which are audited extensively by government and industry regulators.
  • Multi-channel Alerting, Anytime Console Access Analytics, reporting, configuration, and policy customization is at your fingertips through our easy-to-use user interface