Security Consulting Services

Prescriptive guidance to strengthen your defenses

Give yourself a fighting chance to defeat threats with a solid, well-maintained security strategy. We can help.

In today’s digital world, every organization faces the real possibility of a cyber attack. The effectiveness of your response is only as good as the defenses you have in place. Are yours strong enough? Don’t wait to find out.

Our expert SilverSky security consultants help you understand the security risks you face, identify gaps in your protection, and ensure that the proper security controls, procedures, and personnel are in place to respond fast – and stop threats in their tracks.

Services that Build an Orchestrated Response

Security Advisory


IT Risk Assessment
Determines your risk exposure by analyzing and prioritizing information assets, known threats, existing controls, and safeguards.


IT Controls Review
Assesses and compares your documentation and security policies to best practice frameworks including NIST, COBIT, and ISO.


Compliance Gap Assessment
Benchmarks your security program’s alignment with regulations and frameworks and formulates a strategy to address identified gaps.


Policy Review Assessment
Provides a comprehensive assessment of your existing security policies to help identify cyber program gaps.

Security Testing


Network Security Assessment
Establishes an end-to-end view of your network’s security by analyzing, assessing, and testing its overall design and integrity.


Vulnerability Assessment
Evaluates the vulnerabilities and exposures in your internal and external devices, web applications, and operational technology.


Penetration Testing
Deploys real-world hacker tactics and techniques to validate your internal and external network security posture and your susceptibility to nefarious activity.


Web Application Testing
Performs targeted tests of your Internet-facing web application(s) to identify the feasibility of an attack and potential impact of a successful exploitation.

Incident Response (IR)


IR Readiness
Prepares you with customized response plans that include frameworks, playbooks, checklists, documentation, and response team roles and responsibilities.


IR Plan Testing
Exercises your IR plan to operationalize its content and build responders’ familiarity in a simulated environment.

Strategic Advisory


CISO Advisory Services
Provides the strategic guidance and direction you need to keep your security program on the right track.

Be proactive. Be prepared.

Our expert SilverSky security consultants can help you be both.
“Having a solution in place that's complete, where I can sit back and know SilverSky is looking out for me definitely helps."
Luke Smith, Director of Network IT
Colorado Valley Communications