MDR Checklist

Checklist: Questions to Ask a Potential MDR Vendor


When it comes to defending against threats, some vendors’ barks are worse than their bites.


Some vendors like to talk big when it comes to their capabilities. But if you read past the hype and look into what their customers are saying about them, you’ll find that many are short on substance and delivery. 

Our MDR vendor checklist gives you 30 questions that you need to ask a potential vendor – the ones that sink their teeth into the truth about:

  • What a vendor really means by “detection and (especially) response”
  • The vendor’s levels of communication and customer support
  • The scope and scale of the vendor’s security coverage (e.g., how many endpoints they cover)

Don’t just trust your instincts. Our MDR Vendor Checklist will help you find a vendor that leads the pack in delivering robust MDR solutions that address its customers’ cybersecurity needs. 

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