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SilverSky Announces Expanded Lab Capabilities, Hire of Threat Prevention Expert Brandon Edwards

February 11, 2014

Uniquely Positioned with Access to Massive Amounts of Transactional Data, Labs to Focus on Vulnerability Research, Attack Simulation and Reverse Engineering of Targeted Threats

NEW YORK, NY, February, 11, 2014 – SilverSky, the leading independent provider of cloud-based managed security services, today announced the expansion of its SilverSky Labs. At the forefront of vulnerability research and analysis, the lab exercises advanced threat research capabilities to share intelligence that benefits the broader market and enhances the SilverSky service suite. Recently hired threat prevention expert Brandon Edwards will lead the talented pool of experts as vice president of SilverSky Labs.

Formerly of Exodus Intelligence, HP TippingPoint ZDI, NASDAQ OMX and McAfee, Edwards is respected as a leading researcher in exploiting vulnerabilities. In addition to his position as adjunct lecturer and content contributor for NYU’s Poly security curriculum, Brandon is a frequent presenter at leading security conferences, and has participated, judged and contributed to numerous Capture-The-Flag competitions. Edwards has found and exploited vulnerabilities in every major operating system and the Java runtime environment.

“Brandon is recognized as one of the top vulnerability researchers in the world. His incredible wealth of expertise will keep SilverSky Labs on the forefront of threat research, providing unparalleled security, knowledge and peace of mind to our customers,” said Tim Harvey, CEO, SilverSky. “Under Edwards’ leadership, our labs team will propel SilverSky toward becoming a one-stop shop for organizations seeking insight and guidance on today’s top threats.”

Through advanced analysis and early detection of threats, SilverSky Labs leverages the technical security expertise of its team to identify problem areas and bolster the product suite to manage all possible exploits and proactively thwart adversaries. As a cloud-based managed security services provider, SilverSky processes nearly 500 million security events a day, and as a secure cloud email provider the company processes more than 50 million emails a day. As a result, SilverSky Labs is uniquely positioned to examine, correlate and analyze a massive transactional data set that other vendors do not. The Labs will leverage that research to apply “Outbreak Intelligence,” preventative rules pushed to customers faster than possible before.

SilverSky Labs’ core functional areas of focus include:

·       Vulnerability Research: leverage massive amounts of customer data points to improve SPAM, virus and zero-day protection
·       Attack Simulation: explore the many ways malicious attacks would occur and build services to prevent those attacks
·       Reverse Engineering of Targeted Threats: backtrack targeted threats to gain unique insight
·       Service Portfolio Enhancements: provide a unique, exploit researcher perspective on SilverSky’s service portfolio; as well as advanced rules, datasets and signatures to improve execution

“The time for upping the ante in vulnerability analysis and threat prevention efforts is now,” said Brandon Edwards, vice president of SilverSky Labs. “I look forward to working with this renowned team of experts to further explore potential risks, and the solutions that will keep threats at bay and further eliminate possible downtime for our customers.”

Today, SilverSky also announced the launch of its Targeted Attack Prevention product, developed in conjunction with SilverSky Labs. TAP provides the industry’s most state-of-the-art techniques to detect and prevent more types of advanced attacks, more precisely than ever before. For more information on Targeted Attack Prevention: