Email Protection Services

Email messaging is your company’s most critical business communications service. Keeping it secure, compliant and highly available can be a surprisingly challenging problem. To remain competitive, you need to provision your employees quickly, and manage their mailboxes efficiently. But to keep email clean, you need third party anti-virus and anti-spam engines, a leading-edge data loss protection solution, and technology to quickly encrypt messages containing personal, confidential and trade secret information. Then there’s the message archiving system your auditors and counsel demand, and the business continuity features your CIO needs. With all of these requirements, cost and complexity can quickly spiral out of control and distract you from your core business. SilverSky can help.

SilverSky takes a progressive and unique approach to solving messaging challenges by providing a comprehensive Email Protection Service to fit your everyday messaging needs - all driven from the cloud to provide reduced cost and complexity, without sacrificing security. Our solution is fully integrated, tested, and proven and comes from a single vendor, at a fraction of the cost of going it alone.

SilverSky’s Email Protection Services can be implemented collectively or a la carte with other existing messaging vendors such as Google and Office 365, and seamlessly integrates with any cloud or on-premise email system, including SilverSky’s award-winning managed Exchange messaging service. The SilverSky Email Protection Service incorporates the following solutions that are all fully controlled by a single policy engine in the unified SilverSky Management Console:

  • Targeted Attack Protection (TAP): defends against targeted attacks, zero-day exploits, and more
  • Email Security: advanced, multi-engine anti-spam and anti-virus solution
  • Email DLP: industry’s most powerful and easy to use email data loss prevention
  • Email Encryption: intuitive policy-based and user-level message encryption
  • Email Archive: comprehensive eDiscovery, compliance archiving, and mobile archive access
  • Email Continuity: always available email access and usage – even when email server is down

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