Email Continuity

There is no question that email has become the communications hub for all organizations. As a result, it’s now imperative that an organization not only archive but quickly access email in the event of legal discovery or disaster recovery. SilverSky provides a complete Email Continuity and complementary archiving system that securely stores all incoming and outgoing email, while providing each user access to his/her archive through a web-based portal. Our Email Continuity solution safely stores your messages off site in our secure data center and makes it easy to fulfill e-discovery and audit requests while maintaining critical business continuity.

The email system is accessed through a single web-based interface for administrator ease of use and requires no maintenance from the IT department. Flexible message retention options and speedy message recovery through advanced search and filter controls make recovery a simple process. All email messages can be recovered back to the user’s inbox with a single click, and all users have the ability to send and receive messages directly from the archive. The message interface is familiar and easy to use, so users will be immediately productive without the need for training.

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