Financial Services

Cybersecurity for Financial Services

Cybersecurity and compliance can no longer be an add-on responsibility of already stretched IT professionals – the stakes are simply too high. Instead, financial institutions must have robust cybersecurity resources to reduce risk, avoid breaches, maintain compliance and increase customer confidence.

SilverSky allows small and mid-size financial institutions, like credit unions and community banks, to rise to these challenges. Serving the cybersecurity needs of more than 1,500 financial institutions, and having compliance obligations to the same regulatory boards as our customers, gives SilverSky the expertise, experience and technology to meet the needs of small to mid-sized financial organizations.

As you work to secure your IT infrastructure, prepare your incident response plan, and achieve compliance across your financial services organization, you’ll likely need:

Managed Detection & Response

Our security operations analysts monitor, investigate, and disrupt advanced threats in real time inside the perimeter – across your DNS and Active Directory servers, security devices, endpoints, and email servers.

Vulnerability Management

We use the latest threat-led intelligence, best practices, and leading technologies to scan, detect, and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment – before they can be exploited.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

More endpoints mean more threats. Our Managed EDR delivers visibility supported by machine learning and automation to prevent, detect, and remediate known and unknown threats at your endpoints.

Email Protection Services

Defend critical business communications against today’s sophisticated payloads and social engineering attacks with our integrated suite of services.

Secure Device Management

Our leading-edge Secure Device Management delivers critical functionality to strengthen the defense of users and digital assets in a modern, perimeterless world.

Why SilverSky for Financial Services Cybersecurity?

  • For two decades, we have served more than 1,500 small to mid-sized financial institutions and have been held to the same stringent compliance regulations as many of our clients.
  • SilverSky understands the financial services industry and provides purpose-built compliance and risk management solutions.
  • We deliver technology that offers a holistic view of security across your company, not just a single technology area like point products provide.
  • We provide flexible and easy-to-use reporting to give you the complete picture of your security architecture.
  • We help streamline and centralize your monitoring and management, meaning your IT teams are free to perform functions that increase your overall security.
  • We lessen the strain of technical and human resource complexity so you can continue to grow your business knowing your defenses are stronger than ever.