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The Compromise: the Case for Constant Vigilance and an Aggressive Mindset

By Mike Flouton

At SilverSky, we have adopted ten universal business truths that we learned from elite teams like the US Navy SEALs. We put those principles into practice constantly, and yesterday’s compromise is a great case study in all of those things working together.

Early in the day, SilverSky’s Security Operations team discovered and confirmed that was compromised for several hours, redirecting visitors to an exploit kit that attempted to install the Citadel banking Trojan. After the team confirmed the compromise, we took immediate action for our customers, putting a temporary block in place and issuing a rapid advisory. We are reviewing logs and analyzing traffic to determine whether additional action is needed.

“Vigilance” has its roots in the Latin vigil, meaning “awake” or “alert.” It’s a fitting origin; we like to think that we stay on constant alert so that you can sleep easily. Sweet dreams, customers. 

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